We are happy to clean your duvets and pillows for you. Come along and we will advise you. Cleaning downs, a new cover, fill up a bit and you have a new duvet and a new pillow. We recommend cleaning the duvets every six years and the pillows every three years.


We also clean your mattress covers and waterbed covers for you. We recommend our wet cleaning. Through a special cleaning technique, we are able to free the coatings of mites and mite excrement and the spots are significantly weaker. In order to get close to the original size when drying the coatings, we use a special drying process.




Wash bright and dark colors separately.


Turn to the left side.


Closing the zippers before washing protects the zip.


Colored laundry detergents without optical brighteners and bleach protect colors and the environment.

Wash bed and bath linen at 60 degrees Celsius before first use.


Bed linen from our suppliers can be dried in a tumbler.

Do not overdry - slightly damp satin can be ironed easily.


Jersey can be put on your duvet without ironing.


Follow the care instructions on the labels.